How far are you willing to travel for a job?
We play mostly in the Hudson Valley region and the New York City area. We occasionally play weddings in Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts as well.

What is your price range?
Prices vary with group size (quartet, trio, or duet), the length of the event, special requests, and greater traveling requirements. Most of our performances fall in the $575-$1275 range.

What’s the difference between hiring a quartet and a trio?
If you have the resources to hire a full string quartet we would highly recommend doing so. Aside from price, there is a considerable musical difference between the options. A quartet has a fuller sound with more intricate parts and harmonies. Trio and duet are just as elegant but the sound is less full bodied and more limited to smaller spaces (and music selection).

How far in advance should we reserve the group?
The earlier the better! We prefer that you reserve at least 3 months prior to the date of the ceremony. We accept reservations past this point however it will be more difficult to arrange for special songs and requests.

Can you play anything?
Just about! Our repertoire includes rags, 30s-40s jazz, classical, Broadway, pop, folk, tango, and rock n’ roll… you name it, we can play it!

Does my venue need to plan special accommodations for a quartet?
We request that a level and covered space be provided for the group, as well as 2-4 chairs. Our instruments are fragile and can not be exposed to rain and temperatures above 105℉ and below 60℉.

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